Family Dog


This is Family Dog for Super Nintendo. I don´t know if it´s based on a comic or something but it looks like it could be.

Family Dog is a platform adventure. You from point A til point B ad that´s about it. If you like to discover something more on your way to your goal there are some hidden snacks for your dog to find on your way. You don´t need to do it, but it make this game playable if you do. There are some enemies in each level, but they aren´t to hard to dodge.

Family Dog is a bad platfrom game for SNES, there are lots of far better out there.

The dog sure can jump!

Postat av: DCUnited4

It's based on a cartoon special that once aired i the 80s, and they later made a regular series for it in the early 90s.

2009-06-11 @ 20:26:21
Postat av: Lord_Brunskog

Thanks for the info, DCUnited4!

2009-06-12 @ 12:33:03

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