Mega Man 7


Once again, I'm sorry for the bad update frequency. Here's Mega Man 7 in all it's pride!

Mega Man 7 is like every Mega Man game out there. I had to skip the dialogue in the beginning of the video because it was just the story beeing told, and every Mega Man fan knows how the story is beeing told. Nothing special, just killing robots and saving the world from Dr Wily. The graphics are quite crisp, although 7 never gets as good as Mega Man X.

Mega Man fans should definetly pick this robotic chapter of mayhem up.

Bustin' out the buster!

Mickey Mania


It feels like a decade since I updated this blog, I appologise for that. Haven't got the timelately, since I'm currently fixing a 200 year old house up for me and my girlfriend (video here). The video of Mickey Mania has been up on youtube for a month now and I finally found a hole in my schedule to write some notes down.

Mickey Mania is a great SNES game and was also released on the original Sony Play Station. You play, ofcourse, like Mickey Mouse and platform your way through different levels designed as old cartoon films that he has starred in, Steamboat Willy etc. The game looks beautiful and is really cleaver done. The music is nice, but nothing that special.

Disney should really consider looking back at these old games and figure out how they did such awesome games back then.


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