200th Video Teaser

There's a couple of videos left, but soon it's the 200th!

Ghoul Patrol


Zombie's Ate My Neighbours
is one of my all time favorite games on the Super Nintendo, Ghoul Patrol is'nt. Let me tell you why.

For starters: Ghoul Patrol doesn't feature any zombies nor a water gun or cola granades! Come on! Those were the awesomest things about Zombie's Ate My Neighbours! The enemies in Ghoul Patrol isn't that interesting either, I mean how can flying books compare with sinister laughing axe dolls? The graphics is ok, but I really miss the old soundtrack and the cool guns. And the fat guy in the swimming pool...

Stick with Zombies Ate My Neighbours, it's got way more gaming value...

Books ain't as fun as zombies...

Ms. Pac-Man


There's been a while since I uploaded something on the blog, again. I've been really buzy with work this couple of last weeks, so I haven't had the time updating the videos.

This is Ms. Pac-Man! Released on numerous consoles through out the years, even the Super Nintendo. This is an direct port of the arcade machine, with some special features. I truly suck at Pac-Man games, but this game is actually quite fun.

If you dig the arcade classics, Ms. Pac-Man is something for you!

Munchy, munch, munch.

Exhaust Heat - Bonus Customisation Video


I finally got around to do a bonus video for you guys of the customisation mode in the excellent formula one game Exhaust Heat by SETA! This game is really cool in this way, and not many Super Nintendo game pulls this off! Serious awesomeness!

Let's get some juice in that car!

Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja


If you've played Chuck Rock, Congo's Kaper or Super Bonk, this prehistoric game might suit you!

Joe & Mac is a really polished caveman platformer. The soundtrack, graphics and animations are really stunning and creates an awesome gaming experiance for your mind. The only real down side of the game is the slippery controllers, but after a few tries you will figure it out.

Joe & Mac is an awesome platformer, test it for yourselves!

Time to go prehistoric on some caveman ass!

The Mask


Wondering how Jim Carrey would look like in a Super Nintendo game? Well, in The Mask he looks fantastic!

The Mask is one of the best animated games on the whole SNES system! This game is right up there with Yoshi's Island and Mega Man X. The game plays smooth, though the gameplay is a bit all over the place. It's not a traditional platformer, more like a puzzly brawler.

Try The Mask! You wont regret it!


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