Statistics - part 5


There´s been a long time since I shared some of the statistics with you guys (if you are interested). Let´s start with the Top 10 most viewed videos!

Super Punch Out! - 903 views
Incantation - 645 views
Tetris (from Tetris & Dr Mario) - 600 views
Super Tennis - 548 views
Total Carnage - 527 views
NHL ´96 - 496 views
Ultraman - 462 views
The Lawnmower Man - 442 views
Bobby´s World - 424 views
Smartball - 389 views

There´s been some changes in the list but Super Punch Out! is still going strong!

Last week there were close to 100 hits on this blog! I´m impressed that so many has found out of this blog! Thanks to all of you!

The Facebook club (which can be found here) is standing still at 23 members.

Thank you for watching (and reading) and stay tuned for more videos!

// Lord_Brunskog



Clay animation has allways facinated me. It´s fun to see how alive characters like Wallace & Gromit can become by just a bit of skill with some dirt.

Claymates has some fun animations to it, and that´s it. This is used one of a thousand platform games that never gets special to play. It borrows ideas from all the classics and never shows you anything unique. It´s not a terrible game, it´s just that it´s a standard one.

Play Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country instead of this lame game.

Video finally uploaded!



Did you know that the creator of the first Grand Theft Auto game made this game? Both GTA and Lemmings are really great games, and they´re both very revolutionary in different aspects.

Lemmings made something new out of the puzzle genre by combining a hint of strategy to it. This game is really a classic among classics, and when you think of it, it´s quiet a weird game. Your goal is to help the Lemmings reach their goal, without killing the most of them. You can order them to build bridges, dig or even use parachutes so they can drop down higher ledges.

Lemmings is a very creative game that everyone should have played!

Lemmings is the shit!

Math Blaster


This is some awesome box art! But is the game equally awesome?

Math Blaster is an educational game including some space shooting. The idea is to shoot the debris (pizzas and shoes!) with the right equation in order to complete the level. There will be some enemy space ships appearing also once in a while.

Math Blaster isn´t a awesome game, but it is passable.

Do you know your math?

Hebereke´s Popoitto


The box art for Hebereke´s Popoitto was amazingly hard to find, but finally I got a hold of the Super Famicom cover. The version of the game that I´ve played is however the American NTSC.

Hebereke´s Popoitto is sort of a mix up between Dr Mario and Kirby´s Avalanche. The game is kind of slow in the begining, but gets hard as further you succeed. Like Dr Mario you´re supposed to annihilate all the creatures on the screen. Unlike Dr Mario though, the creatures move back and forth making the game a bit trickier.

I like this game and if you´re in to puzzle games you definetly try this one.

What does Popoitto mean?

Goof Troop


Goof Troop is one of my favorite games on Super Nintendo! Why can´t Disney do awesome games like this nowadays?

One big reason (I think) of why this game is so good is Capcom. Capcom made plenty of rock solid classic games for the Super Nintendo, including this one. You play as either Goofy or Max in single player mode, but you can also have a friend play with you in co-op.

I really like this game a lot and I think you will too! Goof Troop is one of the most solid adventure games available on SNES, and it has co-op!

Kill those pirates, Goofy!

Congo´s Caper


I was very suprised when I played this game the first time, because I didn´t have any high hopes for it. Congo´s Caper is a really great game!

The visual style and graphics of the game is probably the part I like the most in this game. It´s cartoony and has some fun animations that makes the game very enjoyable. The game mechanics is like a mix up between Super Bonk and Chuck Rock and works very well.

Congo´s Caper is really worth looking in to if you like platform games.

Some serious monkey business...

Cannon Fodder


I am one of those guys that simply doesn´t play strategy games. They tend to be too slow and too repetetive for my taste, however there are some exceptions. I absolutly love Civilization and this game; Cannon Fodder.

Although Cannon Fodder can´t entirely be called a strategy game, it has many similiarities to Red Alert and Commandos. You point and click your guys through levels and you get different missions each times. Usually it involves killing all the enemies or destroying buildings.

Cannon Fodder is a great game that I believe everyone should have played once!

Remember Jools and the gang?

Gunple - Gunman´s Proof


If you wonder why the box cover is so strange, this is a Super Famicom only game. Super Famicom (for you who doesn´t know) is the japanese name of Super Nintendo.

Gunple Gunman´s Proof is a great game. It´s like Zelda, only with cowboy hats, guns and anime cartoon style graphics. The only thing thats bad with this game is that is, of course, is in japanese. This makes it terribly hard to understand the story of the game if you don´t know the language.

In the video that I´ve made for this game I skipped the part when I ran around in town trying to figure out what to do. I figuered that the video would be awkward to watch me running around like a chicken talking to everyone and checking every house eighteen times...

Why wasn´t this game released everywhere???

Paperboy 2


The first time i played Paperboy was on a Amiga 500 at one of my buddies home. I didn´t really enjoy that game back then, but it was fun to mess around with people by throwing papers at them and breaking windows.

Paperboy 2 for the Super Nintendo is more or less the same game with the same wacky animations and the same mailboxes to fill. I still enjoy trashing windows and smashing myself into someones barbeque.

If you enjoyed the first Paperboy, you are going to enjoy this game.

That´s one crazy paper route...

On the Ball


Taito has made some very good games under the years. Pure classics like Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble, and cool puzzle games like Bust-a-Move and On the Ball.

On the Ball isn´t a typical Super Nintendo puzzle game. Your goal is to race from the start to the finnish, while avoiding blocks that decrease your time limit. The final time decides how much time you will have on the next level. You do all these things by tilting the screen.

On the Ball is one of those few games who can use the Super Nintendo mouse controller. I used the regular controller in this video.

This game is a fun addictive game that you must test for yourself!

It reminds me a bit of Kororinpa: Marble Saga on Wii.

Lamborghini - American Challange


Titus hasn´t made many games that have impressed me, but Lamborghini American Challange is quite passable.

The game is a total rip off of Out Run, enough said. It´s not near as good as Super Chase H.Q. graphics wise or gameplay wise, but it´s, as I said, passable.

Races starts with a betting, where you can up the bets of your opponents so you can win more money. It´s quite a fun system and reminds me of Street Rod for PC (which is much, much, MUCH better than this game!).

If you like Out Run arcade style racers, this one might be worth trying.

Another Out Run clone...

Lester the Unlikely


Lester the Unlikely... is this another TV show / comic I should know of?

The game Lester the Unlikely, however, is a standard platform adventure game. You play as Lester who has been stranded on an unknown island somewhere. I guess your mission is to help Lester find some way to get off this island and bring him back to saftey.

There are lots and lots of far better platform and adventure games out there for the Super Nintendo. Don´t waste your time on this game, eventhough it contains some slightly fun animations.

Lester is a coward...

The work station


I thought it would be nice to show you guys my working area! Here is all the stuff that makes the videos and the blog come to life!

I have a LG laptop connected to a Samsung 42" plasma HD TV. Those are the main ingredients for my gameplay movies! On the pictures you can also see my Wii, which I´m planning on doing more gameplay videos off soon. The 29th of June I will hopefully get my free Xbox 360, so there might be some Xbox gameplay movies in the future as well!

Keep reading and watching the blog, and stay tuned for more Super Nintendo footage!

// Lord_Brunskog

The Lion King - Bug Toss


This is only a short movie that demonstrates the Bug Toss mini game that appears in the game.

Enjoy some Timon  and Pumbaa bug eating action!

Timon throws, Pumbaa munches.

The Lion King


There was a time when movie license games really could be great, and a time when most Disney games where outstanding. Games like Toy Story, Mickey´s Magical Quest, Aladdin and so on where all really great top notch Super Nintendo games. The Lion King is one of them.

The Lion King is a beatiful game. The graphics and animations is next to similiar from the movie. The soundtrack is also good, although I am one of those who really hates Disney´s music.

One of the greatest things in the game is the bug catching mini game with Timon and Pumbaa (which I´m planning on doing a short movie of).

I am Simba, hear me roar!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


This is the 100th episode of Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog and the game who gets the honour is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past!

Zelda for the Super Nintendo is one of those games I grew up with. I remember watching my older brother playing it, and then erasing his save file (this was back in the day when I couldn´t read english). Lots of cursing was ment to happen for this heartless act.

I used to know every in and out of the good and the dark world in this game, but it was a long time ago since I played this game. That kind of shows in this video.

A fun thing I didn´t remember in this game is the awesome animation when you bump an enemy in to a pit, that´s hillarious!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is still a great game after all these years...

The Combatribes


If brawlers is made well they tend to be very enjoyable to play. Battletoads & Double Dragon and Rival Turf is both two great brawlers that live up to this. In the case of the Combatribes, well it doesn´t make it there.

The Combatribes has one huge issue: the enemies. They seem to handle way to much damage and the game would really need health bars for them. You can kick them, punch them, throw them away and stop on them, and they will raise them self up again like nothing.

The Combatribes isn´t good, test it at your own risk.

Get Battletoads & Double Dragon instead...

Championship Pool


If there is any game genre where physics and precision controlls must be tight as a rock, it´s pool.

Sadly Championship Pool has none of that. You can´t aim precise enough to steer the balls where you want them and the physics is sometimes questionable. Playing against a computer is painfull bebcause the CPU always know how to aim.

I don´t recommend this game, but I do recommend you to see Poolhall Junkies (the movie) instead!

Pool is allways better to be played in a bar full of beer...

Castlevania: Dracula X


Konami has made some serious kick ass awesome games for the Super Nintendo. The Castlevania series, which debuted on the NES, is no exception

Castlevania: Dracula X is one of the two Castlevania games that were released on the system. Both of them are very good, but Dracula X is the best one. There are very cool graphics in this game and a creepy soundtrack. Although there isn´t any screaming electric guitars in it, the soundtrack really fits the game.

Castlevania: Dracula X is one of the classics on the Super Nintendo system. If you are a hardcore fan, you simply must pick this one up!

The graphics is really nice in this game!



Cybernator is a game from the awesome makers of TMNT IV: Turtles in Time and Lethal Enforcers; Konami.

Cybernator is a run and gun game featuring robots and stuff. You run thorugh levels blasting almost everything you can see while trying to avoid enemies, the usual stuff. The game isn´t that bad but it  lacks the classical Konami heavy rock soundtrack, which is a bit disapointing.

Fans of Metroid and Mega Man might get something out of this game.

Blast those robots!

The Incredible Crash Dummies


The Incredible Crash Dummies for the Super Nintendo is on the menu for today!

As the game title says, this game is all about crash test dummies. The game offers an unique health display, when your dummy gets hit he loses some of his limbs. A brutal and stylish fun way to display how much damage you´ve taken. The game is pretty linear though, but it´s quite fun to play.

Test this game for yourself!

I think of Mythbusters when I play this game...

Family Dog


This is Family Dog for Super Nintendo. I don´t know if it´s based on a comic or something but it looks like it could be.

Family Dog is a platform adventure. You from point A til point B ad that´s about it. If you like to discover something more on your way to your goal there are some hidden snacks for your dog to find on your way. You don´t need to do it, but it make this game playable if you do. There are some enemies in each level, but they aren´t to hard to dodge.

Family Dog is a bad platfrom game for SNES, there are lots of far better out there.

The dog sure can jump!

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