The Duel: Test Drive II


Test Drive, Super Chase H.Q., Lamborghini American Challange... there has been some driving games released for the Super Nintendo over the years. Some good and some horrible. The Duel: Test Drive II is something in between.

Test Drive was one of the first series of real driving "simulators". It´s not Forza or Gran Turismo, but back in the day the Test Drive games were pretty revolutionary for the racing genre. You couldn´t drive a Porsche in any other game, with a cockpit view. The game has got one cool feature and that´s the bugs crashing in to your windshield as you drive.

Graphically and gameplaying wise this game is mediocre, but there is a small charm of driving a car on a highway in The Duel: Test Drive II.

Porsche cars are awesome...



It was a while since I uploaded something new for you guys, blame my Xbox! But now I´ve finaly got around to it and decided to make a video of BreakThru!, created by the founder of Tetris!

BreakThru! is not the same game as Tetris. The blocks are still there, but the strategy of playing is something else. You break the blocks by combining two or more blocks to make them dissapear. The goal is to clear the whole play area to win. This formula has been quite well copied by tons of games, such as Hexic HD and Lumines (which in my opinion are far better games).

BreakThru! started a new puzzling trend among puzzle games, but there are far better ones out there.

Puzzling madness!

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs


Battletoads & Double Dragon is one of the best games ever made for the Super Nintendo, of all time! Battletoads in Battlemaniacs is not terrible, but not as good as it´s brother.

For starters, the graphics is quite bad in this game. Stale animations, really big characters on the screen and somewhat of a lag is really turning down the enjoyment of playing this game. The funny finishing moves and soundtrack is still in this game though...

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs isn´t bad, but i prefer the Double Dragon game with the toads more.

It´s Pimple time!



There are great platformers, and there are awesome platformers. Plok! is one of them.

Let´s begin with this: the music is totally awesome! It´s just so different compared to most of the games out there that´s avilable for the Super Nintendo! I dig it, heavily! Then there´s the graphics: oh my freakin plastic god! The game feels like playing a small childrens book with potatoes and dead fish attacking you! Brilliant!

Pause your Super Mario World game and play Plok! for some hours instead, it´s worth it!

Plok! is awesome!

Tetris Attack


Tetris is the godfather of addictive and fast paced puzzle games. If you think that Tetris Attack is just another clone made for milking out the franchise, well think again.

This is nothing like the original Tetris. For starters: there are no blocks going downwards. This is the pure foundation of which Tetris is built upon, trying to prevent the blocks to build up a huge wall. In this game the blocks are raised from the ground and your job is to match three or more in order to destroy them. Doesn´t sound like Tetris, huh? But never the less, this game is well done and quite addictive.

If you like Tetris, this isn´t quite what you´re searching for. But if you like puzzle games, check Tetris Attack out!

I´m having a Tetris Attack!

Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi


The Return of the Jedi is the last of the three Super Star Wars games that were released for the Super Nintendo.

The game starts off with some space racing / jumping, which kind of reminds me of Star Fox and F-Zero. The rest of the game is more or less the same as the other two games in the series, with the superb controlls as well. One special thing is that you will be playing as a gold dressed Leia in the Jabba the Hut level!

If you are a real Star Wars geek you should check out the Super Star Wars trilogy!

Something, something, dark side...

Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back


The empire is back to annihalate the rebel threat. In the series of Star Wars movies this is my favorite, that is not the case for the game.

Aside from the still very good controlls and the fact that you now begin with a lightsaber (which is awesome), this game is no good. The game starts with the difficulity bar set to Javier Sotomayor heights. It is hell just to survive the first level. But as I said, you start with a lightsaber...

Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is best to be seen in it´s movie form.

In a galaxy far, far away... the planets is covered in snow...

Super Star Wars


Super Star Wars is one of the best run and gun games available for the Super Nintendo. Let me tell you why...

This is why this game is great: the controlls. You can aim your blaster in every direction availble on your D-pad. This makes the game very easy to controll and fun to play. You can jump in the air and shoot enemies where ever you want, or duck and aim dead on a target. This is simply awesome for a Super Nintendo game!

The story of the game follows the story of the first film, although there is way more action added to the formula. Most of the sceneries and characters from the movie is playable in the game, which is kind of awesome.

Super Star Wars shouldn´t be missed by any Super Nintendo fanatic out there!

The desert is full of enemies!

Super Star Wars Trilogy Special!


The coming episodes of Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog will feature the awesome Super Star Wars Trilogy made for SNES! If you´re a Star Wars nut, stay tuned for some jedi crazyness! May the force be with you...

The Terminator


Arnold Schwarzenggers real leap in to Hollywood famedom came with the legendary movie The Terminator, and with the success a game followed as well...

The Terminator is a standard run and gun game, like the awesome Doom Troopers. This game is not awesome, it´s more hasta la vista. Enemies appear on the screen very fast and seem to have an advantage over you. The advantage of course is that they can aim really good, and you can´t. This makes the game very hard and that´s why the video turned out very short.

If you´re a Terminator fan, check this out.

He´ll be back... in T2...

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