Brunswick World Tournament of Champions


A great bowling game is golden to me. I don't know how many great bowling games I've had on my mobilephone over the years, they are great when work is really lame!

Brunswick World Tournament of Champions (damn that's a long name!) is a pretty good bowling game for the Super Nintendo. Once you've figuered out the controlls and so on, this game can be pretty enjoyable. The graphics is relativly nice and the sound effects is just like every bowling game around.

If you like bowling, try this game out!




... I don't think this is based on the 1980's movie with the same name...

Legend is a pretty slow and sluggish run and sword game. The graphics isn't as great as Turtles in Time or Knights of the Round. The game is playable, though veeery slow. The soundtrack isn't that great.... What is great with this game you might wonder? Well, the intro with the sword is pretty cool!

There are far better brawlish games out there for the SNES. By the way, was Willow on the NES based on the movie Willow?

No big horned red guy in this game.

Mario Paint - Bonus Drawing Video


It's almost a year since I recorded the first Mario Paint video, but recently I sat down and played around with the game some more and decided to record a bonus video. Enjoy my crappy drawing skills!

Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog: Paint Edition

The Lost Vikings


Did you know that the World of Warcraft creator Blizzard was the one who originally created this game for the Amiga 500? Well, now you know!

The Lost Vikings is a puzzle game styled as a platformer. If you have played Commander Keen you can sort of figure out how it is played. You have three characters: Erik, Baleog and Olaf. Each of these guys have some special abillities so that they can figure out the puzzles, co-op style! The music is awesome and the graphics ain't that bad.

Check out The Lost Vikings!

Some seriously lost vikings...

Super Off Road: The Baja


Tradewest has made some kickass games for the Super Nintendo, and Super Off Road: The Baja is one of them!

When I first picked up this game months ago, I didn't like it. I played for a couple of minutes and just didn't pay much attention to it after that. But now I really like this game, but it has many similarities to the original Super Off Road. The races are simple, but there are a couple of twists in them. You race from point A to point B and there are allways plenty of options how you race your way to it. This make the game very fun and addictive!

Super Off Road: The Baja is a great racing option for all of you SNES fans!

Off Road to the extreme, bitches!

Rex Ronan


Educational games... one of the worst game genres ever! Sorry for the box art, by the way. Couldn't find anything better.

Rex Ronan is an extremly cheesy educational game which combines some run and gunning with some pop quiz type events. If you answer the questions right, you'll be awarded with a blast that takes out all the enemies on the screen. The graphics isn't that bad, but the level design is down right terrible.

Rex Ronan is a game that everyone should stay away from!

Clean some filthy teeth...

Super James Pond


This game is one that I played years ago at an old friends house on the Amiga 500. Then it was just called James Pond, but since this is on the Super Nintendo, Super James Pond does sound better right?

This game is a total mash up between Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog. The item blocks is totaly taken from one of Mario's worlds, and the hills where James Pond get's his running shoes runnin' is straight down stolen from Sonic's shoe box. The game has got a catchy soundtrack and some decent visuals.

For you who remembered playing James Pond and Robocod on the Amiga 500, this game might bring back some memories.

My name is Pond... James Pond...

Brett Hull Hockey '95


I really love hockey and I've played it for real once in the time, but a knee injury sadly made me quit. But fortunatly there are numurous of hockey games released every year, and some old ones to look back in to.

Brett Hull Hockey '95 isn't close to as good as NHL '95 by EA. The graphics and gameplay are really awkward and not as easy to pick up and start playing as in NHL '95. The only cool thing in this game is the in game comentary guy, who knows Brett Hull's name!

I advice you to play NHL '96 instead!

Brett Hull! Hockey! 95!!!

King of the Monsters


SNK has made some really great games over the years like Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown. King of the Monsters isn't that good.

King of the Monsters is like a typical japanese clone of Godzilla type creatures that wrestle each others in a crowded sea port district. Each characters has some special moves and you can use them if you can figure them out. The graphics isn't that great, but it's a bit cool to watch buildings and bridges blow up as you fight.

If your choice is between this game and Ultraman, this one is definetly better.

Mayhem and destruction.

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