Super Bomberman 2


There has been a couple of Bomberman games over the last 20 years. Mega Bomberman, Bomberman '93, Bomberman Blast and of course Super Bomberman for the Super Nintendo.

Super Bomberman 2 is more or less the same game as the first one. You have a story mode and some freeplay stuff to play around with. The graphics is nice and sharp, and the music is as catchy as ever. If you like Bomberman, you are going to like this one.

Super Bomberman 2 is the 170th Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog video, stay tuned for even more SNES madness!

Some good ol' boming...

The Adventures of Batman & Robin


The updates has been really bad for a while on this blog, and I'm sorry for that. CoD: Modern Warfare, The Simpsons Game (yes, you heard me) and Forza 3 has really kept me buzy. But here comes an update!

The Adventures of Batman & Robin is a great brawl type action game. The story and art direction of the game is like it's taken from a comic book, which is awesome! The graphics are really great and the gameplay is ok.

If you like the Batman franchise, or brawlers, check this game out!

Gotham City is as enemy crowded as you last saw it...

Yoshi's Cookie


Grab a cookie of your personal flavor and attach yourself to a cumfy sofa, this is Yoshi's Cookie!

Yoshi's Cookie is a puzzle game that plays a bit like Dr Mario and Tetris Attack combined. You've got levels to complete and the game mechanics is sort of like Tetris Attack. The game is very colorful, but there is nothing special going on in the graphics department. The soundtrack is jolly in a normal Nintendo style fashion.

If you like puzzle games, be sure to check out Yoshi's Cookie (which is also available on the NES and Game Boy).

Jam cookies...

Parodius - Bonus Lollipop Video


"Come on to the candy shop... bla bla bla my lollipop"... what a terrible song! Can´t some one kill 50 Cent? Anywho, Parodius Lollipop stage (which can be found in the starting menu) doesn't contain this song, only some great fun! Play it!

Fuck 50 Cent, play Parodius instead!

Exhaust Heat (F1 Roc)


Exhaust Heat (or F1 Roc in the states) is one of the best racing games for the Super Nintendo. Oh, and by the way I put the 10 great SNES brawl games on ice for a while, but it will turn up sooner or later!

Back to Exhaust Heat. The game features an unique car customization feature where you can change the performance of the formula one car in many ways. you can swap the transmission, wheels, nitro and wings and much more. This is an awesome feature for such an old game.

Run out and fetch yourself a copy of Exhaust Heat, you won't regret it!

Awesomeness on 4 wheels!

Ten Great SNES Puzzle Games!


Yes, the second part of the cavalcade of Ten Great SNES Games is now up! Let's take a look at some puzzly games!

Kirbys Avalanche - One of the best puzzle games ever made! Oh the hours I've spent on this...

Tetris (from Tetris & Dr Mario) - You know about Tetris, right?

Dr Mario (from Tetris & Dr Mario) - ...and you probably know about this game aswell.

Heberekes Popoitto - This crazy jaoanese styled puzzle game is very addictive, and fun!

Bust-a-Move - You might know it as Puzzle Bobble, but it carries the same amount of awesome anyway!

Tetris Attack - It has nothing to do with Tetris, but this game is very great!

On the Ball - Racing game / puzzle game... mostly puzzle game... awesome!

Yoshi's Cookie - I haven't uploaded a gameplay video of this game yet, but I can ensure you that it is awesome!

Columns - A puzzle game with bricks that you can score points in any angle! This is addictive!

Pac Attack - An unusual and creative use of the Pac Man franchise... I like it!

Enjoy the Video!

Tons of puzzly madness!

Ten Great SNES Racing Games!


Yes folks the first Ten Great SNES Games is all about burning some rubber! Aww-yeaaah!

Exhaust Heat - Is one of the best formula 1 games ever made for Super Nintendo. A gameplay video of this game will be up after Im done with these three gameplay specials.

F-Zero - Seriously, are there anyone out there that hasn't played F-Zero? If so, did you grew up with a Sega Genesis? Must not be missed!

Super Mario Kart - The beginning of the long racing career of Mario and his friends, but where did the coins go?

Super Off Road - Made by the awesome game producer Tradewest, this is one mulitplayer game with endless of fun!

Rock'n'Roll Racing - Black Sabbath, missiles and aliens? Need I say more?

Lamborghini American Challange - It might look like a Out Run clone, but the betting system and the gameplay makes this game pretty cool!

The Duell: Test Drive 2 - If you just want to cruise in a Porsche for a moment, this is the game to go with!

GT Racing - So friggin awesome words can't describe it!

Cyber Spin - It's fast and it's got one of the catchiest soundtracks ever!

Micro Machines - We all love Micro Machines, don't we?

Enjoy the video!

Hear my engine roar!

Ten Great SNES Games!


Time for yet another special! This time around there will be three different videos featuring ten really great games from one genre! The first video will be on racing games, the second will contain puzzle games and the third will be brawl type games! Stay tuned for the first video!


Sküljagger - Revolt of the Westicans


Behold one of the most awesome games ever created! Turn off your current Mario Kart time trial and slam in Sküljagger - Revolt of the Westicans in your cartridge slot!!!

Sküljagger is one awesome game! It features great and simple comic book graphics and some nice gameplay. There aren't much variations of enemies, but come on! Your hero is named Sküljagger! How cool is that?

Do everyone a favor and hunt down a copy of Sküljagger - Revolt of the Westicans! This is one game that should not be missed!

Sküljagger... what a awesome name...



Pieces isn't just the name of one of the most awesome death metal records ever made, it´s a game too!

Before this game I had never played a puzzle game on a console before. This isn't puzzle like Tetris, this is puzzle like puzzle! Your goal is to create a complete image paring the pieces in the right way. If you succeed with this, you will be rewarded with items to help you along the way.

If you like real puzzles, Pieces is something for you! If you like death metal, check out Dismember's Pieces CD!

Puzzly, puzzly, puzzly...

Dig & Spike Volleyball


This is Dig & Spike Volleyball for the Super Nintendo! Jippiiiie!

Well, not quite jippie. More or less awesome opening soundtrack, because it kind of reminds me of Super Tennis (which is super awesome!). The game however isn't that great. The controlls are kind of confusing and the graphics are very low profiled for a SNES game. The game lacks most of the strategy and team play, and it feels like you simply can button mash your way through the game.

Dig & Spike Volleyball isn't the best Hudson game out there, play Super Bomberman instead!

The pink guys serves a gay looking smash...

Parodius Non-sense Fantasy


I've currently been buzy with work and Forza 3, so there has been some major amount of update lacking! I finally got around to the problem, and here it is: Parodius Non-sense Fantasy!

If you recall my Darius Twin video, I totally suck at side scrolling shoot em ups (or shmups). I found Parodius a bit easier than Darius Twin, but the video didn't get that much longer. I've allways had a hard time trying to survive in these kind of games, but I can understand why people can get stuck and obsessed with them!

Parodius Non-sense Fantasy is a good looking game, check it out if you like!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a penguin!

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