Quick Update

There has been some serious inactivity on this blog for some days now, so I thought I would share a quick update for all of you (so you know that I'm alive)!

I will give you some reasons why there has been no updates for a while. The first one is work and christmas, because I have worked the ENTIRE christmas (which sucks, by the way), and when I finally have had some free time, my energy has been put elsewhere which comes to the second big reason: Borderlands. That game has just blown my mind, it's the game of the year in my opinion!

If you haven't noticed I've started a Gameboy blog which can be found here: http://gbgameplay.blogg.se/ !

Stay tuned for more Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog! The videos WILL come soon, I promise!



Space Invaders


Space Invaders... does the grand father of shmups and space ship shooter games really anymore of an introduction?

Everyone knows about Space Invaders, game freak or not. It's one of those corner stones that helped build the gaming market we have today, along with Super Mario Bros, Pac-man and Tetris to name a few. Space Invaders on the SNES has a pretty sharp look to it, but there isn't anything advanced or remade to it. This is the original arcade game.

Everyone knows about Space Invaders...

Space have allways room for bad guys...



I've been playing a lot of shmups latley and I don´t know why. I've stumbled across some great ones, and some bad ones. Imperium is one of the later.

Imperium is one of those games that you've probably haven't played if you're a regular SNES fan. If you're a shmup fan you might have played it though. The game is pretty simple in every aspect of a normal shmup game. The difficulity isn't near as murderous as in Darius Twin, and the graphics isn't as smooth or good as in Super SWIV.

Imperium is a playable game, but there are far better shmups out there for the Super Nintendo.

Red lasers means a red death!

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe


International Superstar Soccer Deluxe is the very first soccer (or football as everyone else but USA knows it as) game that I've made an video of.

International Superstar Soccer (the non deluxe version) was the first soccer game made in the series that evolved in to todays Pro Evolution Soccer. The game has a really good feel to it and is easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master. The graphics and sound effects are superb in normal Konami fashion.

If you're searching for a great soccer game for your SNES, International Superstar Soccer is your best pick.

Who gives a damn about licensed players? It's the gameplay that matters!

Super SWIV (Firepower 2000)


Super SWIV (or Firepower 2000 in the US) is a Jeep styled vertical shmup, and a very good one too!

Super SWIV is the sequel to the 2D sidescrolling SWIV for the Commodore Amiga system. The original game was awesome and this game is no different! I am not a huge fan of shmups, but occasionally I find one and get stuck! The graphics is simple and the gameplay is very smooth for a Super Nintendo game.

Check Super SWIV out!

Blow those SOB's up!



Hook... another game that sucks, and I don't know if it's a movie licensed game. It's made by Sony though...

Hook has many problems. First, it's to damn slow. You can't speed up Pan's pace in any way, and that really sucks because it feels like moving your guy takes forever. The second thing is all the other shit that is this game, don't buy it if you own a Super Nintendo!

Forget about Hook, buy Turtles in Time instead.

There are better pirate games out there...

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