The Lawnmower Man


The Lawnmower Man is a special kind of game in bizzare way. You shoot Monkeys, search trash cans for CD´s and fly in 3D, Superman style! This is one special game....

Out to Lunch


Another weird game on the menu. Out to Lunch is a platformer/puzzle game, similar to Bubble Bobble in a way. Your goal is to collect all the food on the map before the time runs out. The game might seem a bit dull, but I like the cute graphics!

Out to Lunch is the 40th gameplay by lordbrunskog movie, stay tuned for #50! It will be a special!

NHL ´96


Ahhh the NHL season of 96! Peter Forsberg had no troubles with injuries and his teams name wasn´t Colorado, it was Quebec. In this game you could also play as the legendary Wayne Gretzky, which makes it even more awesome! This game is my favorite hockey game to the SNES.

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Battletoads & Double Dragon - Bonus Video


Some extra footage of one of the best games ever made. This video features one of the Double Dragon brothers showing of some awesome fighting moves.

Youtube Reward! part 2


I just wanted you all to know that my ranking peaked at #68 of most viewed today on Youtube! I cannot believe I even reached that list! Thank you once again and stay tuned for more videos!

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3


There are some classic series of fighting games that everyone heard of. Tekken, Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter and of course Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat is like Street Fighter, only more violent. I also belive the difficulity is higher in this game than Street Fighter.

Youtube Reward!


My Youtube channel has been rewarded for #89 - most seen (today) - directors! Thank you everyone for viewing my videos and I hope there will be more rewards! Tell everyone you know about my gameplay videos and the blogg and maybe then I´ll get a higher ranking!

/ LordB.

Battletoads & Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team


This is one of my favorite games playing with friends. The total chaos that occurs when you stop hitting your enemies and start smashing up your buddy is hilariously insane. Although you can choose to play without "friendly fire" you won´t because it´s so fun to play in this mode.

Battletoads has some awesome graphics and well made animations. This is one of the greatest gams I´ve ever played for any console.

Super Mario Kart - Extra Footage


Some extra footage from Super Mario Kart is available, just click the picture! Mario Kart is awesome...

Super Mario Kart


Super Mario Kart is one of the games everyone owned for the SNES. There were some games that everyone bought and this is one. The original is still great after all these years, even though I prefer the latest Wii version. Something that I didn´t remember though were how hard it was to slide in corners in this game.

Izzy´s Quest for the Olympic Rings


Sonic have had alot of clones over the years. Who doesn´t remember Mohawk and Headphone Jack for instence? Or in this case Izzy. Which olympic games was he the mascot in? I don´t know, do you?

Bronkie Health Hero


Once you start this game you get on of those "what a fuck is this" moment. This game is about asthema and health issues and I believe it´s a educational game. The purpouse of the game I think really were ment to be great, but all in all it´s a crappy platformer.



I´ve had a lazy weekend so far as updating my blog/videos goes. So I´ve decided to show you the statistics of the currently top 5 most viewed videos of all my gameplay movies. Here it comes!

  1. Super Punch Out! - 482 views
  2. Tetris (from Tetris & Dr Mario) - 259 views
  3. Smartball - 233 views
  4. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi´s Island 219 views
  5. Bobby´s World - 199 views
I will upload new videos soon, so have patience!

/ Lord_Brunskog

Iron Commando - Kotetsu No Senshi


This is the second gameplay movie featuring a japanese version of a SNES game I´ve made. Iron Commando is a brawl type game simillar to the Battletoads series of platforming and fighting. This is pretty fun but a bit hard.



Finally Onslaught is released in Europe (not in the US though) over WiiWare! This is the only firstperson shoot em up on WiiWare and I can´t wait to test it! The game features a single and a 4 player Co-Op story mode, so a friend can always jump in and help you out when you play. There is also a online co-op mode, but I don´t belive there is any deathmatch available, sadly.

If you own a Wii, then this is a must buy. The game is said only to cost 1000 VC Points. Click the picture for a gameplay video featuring 4 player co-op (not mine though).

Super Tennis


The gameplay video of Super Tennis is my 30th recorded video. I like this game and it´s one of those games I´ve played alot when I was younger. I remember countless of tournaments played over a period of time against my brothers and sometimes father (who when he really plays can be a tough opponent). I´m not exactly sure who ruled the court, but we had a good time.


I have now preordered MadWorld and I´m so excited! Finally a real hardcore game for the Wii! 2009 will be a better year for the Wii with lots of promises shedueled to be released! I might upload some gameplay videos of the game when I get it.

Click the MadWorld logo for a trailer of the game.

Mario Paint

mario paint

The gameplay movie I made on youtube didn´t feature anything with paint. Instead I thought it was fun to show you guys the fly swatting minigame (which also can be played in the first WarioWare). The game has a incredible groovey theme song and some hillarious sound effects. It´s addictive aswell.



The sidescrolling shoot em ups (or schmups or what a hell people calls it nowadays...), either you hate it or you love it. I myself never really got into it, but this game kind of got me stuck for a while. Really hard though.

Doom Troopers


First thing that strikes the reader: awesome box art! Doom Troopers is a real gore fest, with blood and guts squirting out of dismembered bodies! This is one of the most brutal games on the SNES, so play and enjoy!

Hit the Ice


Hit the Ice is more or less a clone of the gameplay in Ice Hockey or Blades of Steel on NES. The game features some comic looking characters chasing pucks on the ice. Only one problem, how the hell do you score a goal? I've tried for hours to score ONE goal but it seems hopless to nail one into the net...

Samurai Shodown


SNK always have made kickass games. This is one of them, Samurai Shodown. Cool sword yielding dudes and dudettes fighting for the glorious win. Classic.

Street Fighter Alpha 2


The alpha series of Street Fighter is awesome. This game is awesome.


I made a second movie of this game, since I wanted to capture some of the awesome super moves. The graphics of this game is stunning by the way.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior


Nowadays the kids will know about the fourth chapter in the Street Fighter legacy, but we old people will always remember the SNES game that blew all of us away. Street Fighter II is one of the most legendary games for the console.



Don´t get fooled by the ultra awesome box cover for this game, because it sucks. Period.

Super Bomberman


The 20th gameplay movie by lord_brunskog was this game, Super Bomberman. A true classic among the hardcore gaming fans, I doubt NO ONE hasn´t played some sort of version of Bomberman.

Super Buster Bros


Super Buster Bros is for me known as Pang on the Amiga 500. I really like this game alot, and I don´t know how many hours I´ve played this game (Pang) over the years. A classic!

Super Ghouls and Ghosts


Super Ghouls and Ghosts. The game where you don´t get nightmares about the ghosts, neither the ghouls, but the difficulity. Man this game is hard! Beautiful graphics though....

Tetris & Dr Mario


Does it even exist two games that has more office high score prestige than Dr Mario and Tetris? I doubt there is. Tetris, the russian block game that is so addictive drugs seems heaven to be hooked on. Dr Mario, the same as I said about Tetris, except the fact that you actually throw drugs in the game!


I made a second gameplay movie featuring Dr Mario to show everyone that it really is one of my all time favorite puzzle games. Just think about it, how would the world of video games been without Tetris & Dr Mario?


Super Punch Out!


I know there is many people out there longing for the retro remake of Punch Out for Wii. And because of that I demand all of you to replay the original Punch Out to NES and Super Punch Out to the SNES so that you´re fit for the Wii version!

The Gameplay video of Super Punch Out is currently the most viewed of all my gameplay videos with 420 views (as of the 16th of February 2009). I hope there will be more people who´ll discover this video!

Zombie´s Ate My Neighbors


This is one of those games I have great memories from! I remember that my older brother rented it from a local video/game rent store and my mom tried to hide the casette from me and my younger brother, because she thought the game was to violent for us! Eventually we found it and played the crap out of it! I love this game....

Chuck Rock


Chuck Rock is one of the greatest games ever made to the Amiga 500 system. On the SNES it´s still awesome, but I prefer the old computer version. This really is platforming at it´s finest, with all the funny creatures and the great level design!



Incantation features a toon like wizard who fires spells through his magical staff. The game is nothing more than a typical platformer and doesn´t need more explenations. Simple and fun for a little while.

Total Carnage


This is totaly a blast from the past! Total Carnage is a die hard shoot m up in the vein of Smash TV. There is loads of humour and maybe the best game quote in history!

"You are the weasel man! You shall absorb total pain!"

Isn´t that bad ass or what?

The Great Waldo Search


Is this the worst game on the SNES? Watch the video and see for yourself....

(Remember to click the pictures to reach the youtube videos)

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island


This is one of the best looking games ever made to the SNES. The stunnig graphics that seems to be made by a 4 year old i absolutly one of my favorites. I hope Nintendo is deciding to do a sequel with some sort of celshading graphics for the Wii, wouldn´t it be awesome?



Smartball is a very bad game. You can´t controll Jerry (the ball) the way you want to, and the levels is just painfully hard to complete. It took me several days just to figure out that you actually could climb in the game, and then I completed the FIRST level...

Super Bonk


I love Super Bonk! It is one of those games that cracks up a big smile on my face every time i play it. Is it because it so great? No it´s because of the stoner way gameplay with all the crazy power ups and minigames and fun enemies.

I also made a minigames video on youtube, click on the picture below to reach it!


Alfred Chicken


This game has some fun to it. You run around as Alfred (who is a chicken) and you goal is to collect coins and make it to portals and such. A typical platformer, but beware of the difficulity! If you touch an enemy you will die!

Bobby´s World


Bobby´s World is a platformer based on the figure that Howie Mandel created. The game isn´t that bad, but it is certainly not great. There is some funny designed monsters though.



Boogerman is one of those game everyone have heard of. The hero, Boogerman, throws boogers with his fingers and farts at enemies, thats why the subtitle says "A Pick and Flick Adventure".

The game all in all isn´t that great, but it is one of those games you must have played if you´re into SNES.

Kirby´s Fun Pak: Megaton Punch Minigame


This was the first gameplay movie I made. I think it came out pretty well. The video features some gameplay footage of the Megaton Punch minigame in Kirby´s Fun Pak. It is pretty fun to play against a buddy.

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