I haven´t made a video of a flightsimulator yet for the Super Nintendo, but now the time has come!

Behold of Lock-On! A great dog fighting kill everything on the screen flight game! Your goal is to shoot down all the enemy aircrafts with out taking to much damage yourself. This is easier said than done and some of the missions can be quite a challange. You can choose from a couple of different airplanes, which all differs in speed, armor and weapons.

Lock-On is a good flight game that is worth checking out!

Queue "Top Gun" theme!

Knights of the Round


Knights of the Round brings back a whole lot of memories from back in the day when all we had to play games on were a Super Nintendo, and this game is still good!

Knights of the Round was made by the legendary game developers Capcom, who made some of the best Super Nintendo games ever! The game is a slash em up brawler and features a unique level up mechanism that aren´t very usual for brawl type games. The graphics are pretty nice, nothing special though. The same goes for the sound effects and soundtrack.

If you´re looking for a high class brawl game, this one is for you! It ain´t Turtles in Time, but it´s some good stuff!

Go Arthur, go!

Cacoma Knight


Have you ever played DX Ball or that art class mini game in Bully: Scholarship Edition? Then this game might look familiar to you!

Cacoma Knight  is a puzzle game where your goal is to draw lines on a field, trying to cover it all. There are some enemies as well, and nothing much to it. The game is pretty simple and can be addictive after a while, but isn´t nothing spectacular. There are better puzzle games out there.

See the gameplay video first, then decide if you want to play it.

If you loved the art class game in Bully, this one might be something for you.

Harley´s Humongous Adventure


Platformers is one of my favorite game genres on the Super Nintendo and there are plenty of games available within that genre on the console. Great ones like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and Chuck Rock, and mediocre ones like Harley´s Humongous Adventure.

Harley´s Humongous Adventure isn´t great. You jump around and collect stuff within a time limit in order to complete the current level. What I understand from this game is that there doesn´t seem to be a goal in each level, you just have to collect as much things as possible before the time runs out.

Play Super Mario World instead of this game.

This ain´t a humongous game...



There are some games that combines genres in a way you would´nt dream of doing yourself. Firestriker combines pinball and Zelda, and suceeds!

Firestriker let´s you play buy yourself or with a friend. You can choose between some characters who has different classes, such as wizards and knights. Each of these got different attacks that make the "pinball" act differently. By the way, your character act like a bumper that the ball bounce on. Your goal is to climb the way to the top of the level by braking some bricks and enemies. You have to watch out for the bricks in the bottom, if they dissapear you will fall down a level our fail the mission.

Firestriker has a unusual game concept, but it works quite well!

Pinball has never been this fun!

F-Zero - Big Blue Practice Mode


Big Blue is one of the legendary courses from F-Zero. Great visuals and a even greater soundtrack, this one is pure awesome!

Big Blue is awesome...



is by many, including me, the best racer ever made for the Super Nintendo. Let me tell you why..

Here is the thing: back in 1991 this was one of the coolest games around. The Mode 7 graphics made this look 3D and no one had ever seen pixels this good looking. The soundtrack has some of the most memorable tunes ever made for a video game, including "Big Blue" and "Mute City". It was a while since I last played this game, but it is still as good as the first time I played it!

F-Zero is a legendary game and I hope that Nintendo are going to make a new game in the series for the Wii!

The Falcon was the coolest vehicle in 1991...

The Jetsons


This is one of the best platformers I´ve ever played! The Jetsons - Invasion of the Planet Pirates is really awesome!

First of all: The vacuum cleaner should be mandatory in every single platformer made! This game uses the physics of this house hold item in a very cool way! You can use it to climb up on walls, climb ceilings and to suck your way underneath tight spaces. This make up for some cleaver and creative puzzles you will face in the game! It kind of remember me of Half Life 2 and the gravity gun.

Try The Jetsons! You will not be dissapointed!

I think the guys at Valve stole the gravity gun idea from this game...

Ballz 3D


There weren´t many 3D games released on the Super Nintendo (as I´ve pointed out before), and most of them weren´t even playable. Ballz 3D has the charm, but not the gameplay.

Let me tell you why: the fighting isn´t good. You have a kick and a punch button, that´s it. You can make throws that varry depending if you stand in front of your opponent or behind (I think). Each character has their own moves, but non of them is as mind blowing as the Hadoken was the first time you saw it.

Ballz 3D is a bad fighter, but worth looking into if you like 3D games made for SNES.

"Balls to the wall..."

Super Famicom Wars - Intro!


I wanted to show you guys the awesome intro for Super Famicom Wars! Enjoy the hillarious japanese styled intro!


One of the best intros ever made for a Super Nintendo game!

NHL '94


NHL '96 is easily one of the best hockey games ever made, what about it´s two year older brother?

NHL '94 looks very similair to NHL '96, on the surface. If you scratch a bit on it you will find that´s not the case. NHL '94 has a great opening soundtrack, aswell as '96. The graphics is not as sharp as in the '96 years version, but the sound effects is much better (at least I think so). The game also feels a bit slower than the other one.

NHL '94 is a good hockey game, but I recommend that you play '96 instead.

I remember my days on the ice...

Super Famicom Wars


This is yet another Super Famicom only game, and if you´ve played Advance Wars or Battallion Wars you know what this is!

Famicom Wars and Super Famicom Wars were only released on the japanese game market. Why? I don´t know because these games are some of the best strategy games ever made for any consoles! You can build numerous of millitary units, including infantry, tanks and artillery. Each of these has special strengths against special enemies. Rocket infantry is good against tanks and tanks is better against normal infantry etc...

If you´ve played Advance Wars or the newer Nintendo DS version, I strongly recommend to try this one!

Fantastic strategy warfare!

Rock n Roll Racing


Rock n Roll Racing is the follow up game of RPM Racing released two years before (1991), and this game has everything that RPM Racing didn´t have!

Rock n Roll Racing is one of the greatest racing game available on the entire Super Nintendo system! It´s got a really great MIDI-ported soundtrack, featuring Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and George Thorogood to name a few. The graphics, compared to RPM Racing, is in outstanding quality! Great animations and really smoth gameplay! Oh, and did I mention there´s guns and more vehicles in this game? Sweeet...

Rock n Roll Racing is one of those games you simply MUST have played on the Super Nintendo! Find it, now!

Born to be wild...

RPM Racing


If you ever have played Rock n Roll Racing on Super Nintendo (which I´m planning on doing a video of), you know that game truely rocks! RPM Racing (or Radical Psycho Machine Racing) is the big brother of that game, but is it as good?

First thing to be said: if you think this is going to be as good as Rock n Roll Racing, you´re going to be dissapointed. RPM Racing isn´t that good. It´s got the same gameplay as it´s little brother, but it´s just not that fun. I really miss the great soundtrack from Rock n Roll Racing, featuring MIDI-covers by Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and George Thorogood to name a few.

RPM Racing is more or less the test version of what was going to be Rock n Roll Racing. I recomend you to try the later one instead.

This game could really use some "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath!

Sonic Blastman


Once again another great game from Taito is on the menu: Sonic Blastman!

If you can take your eyes away from the awesome box art and play the game, you will find a great brawl game. I´m one of those who really enjoys brawl games, if they´re done right, and this one really is! The controlls are good and the difficulity isn´t too hard. The graphics is a bit sketchy, but the animations of Sonic Blastman are great!

If you like Rival Turf or Battletoads & Double Dragon you should really take a closer look in to this game!

It´s blastastic!

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