Kendo Rage


Kendo Rage is a pretty awesome action beat em up game. It´s got this awesome anime cartoon feel in the graphics and really cool visual effects.

Your goal in this game is to kill monsters and such til you reach the end boss. You have a meter for your attack power, which if it powers up completely makes your attacks more powerful. There isn´t much more to say about this game, be sure to check the video out!

Kendo is stick fighting... isn´t it?

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// Lord_Brunskog

California Games II


California Games II is a collection of various events where you do "cool" California stuff.

The events that are represented in this game is hang gliding, jet skiing, snowboarding (how this one is a California game is a mystery to me...), skateboarding and body surfing. Skateboarding is kinda fun, but the rest isn´t that well done.

For those of you who have played the original on the C64 or the NES (to name a few systems the game was released on) this might be fun to test. I´d rather play Skate or Die on NES....

Is water skiing considered a sport?

Contra III: The Alien Wars


Even though I suck at fast paced shooting arcade games, Contra III is a lot of fun to play!

If you´ve ever played a Contra game, you know what this is all about! Hordes of enemies, explosive guns with endless of ammo and one hit kills. It´s chaos in other words.

Contra III is a great game for those of you who have played the older NES games, and for fans of Super Turrican.

This is real hardcore blasting, baby!



The 90th Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog is dedicated to the greatest basketball game ever created; NBA Jam!

NBA Jam is the NHL ´96 game of basket for Super Nintendo! It´s super fast, addictive and has the greatest gameplay of all SNES basketball games! The graphics is awesome, with detailed players on each team! My favorite of the teams is the Chicago Bulls with Scottie Pippen!

This game is truly awesome and I order you to test it!

Chicago Bulls rules!

Mecarobot Golf


Mecarobot Golf is an awesome golf simulator for the Super Nintendo, if you haven´t already guessed it  from the super awesome name!

Mecarobot Golf is great. It´s not very complicated like many SNES golf simulators (like The Devil´s Course 3D) are. It´s sort of a combination between a newer Tiger Woods game and Hal´s Hole in One Golf. The game has some sort of Mode 7 3D graphics, which slows down the gameplay a bit but not to much to make it painful to play. The overall gameplay is good.

If you like golf simulators, check this one out!

Compete against some golf cunning robots!

Full Throttle Racing


If you´ve ever played Road Rash on Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, this might be something for you.

Personally, I prefer Road Rash better than Full Throttle Racing. The game totaly lacks sound effects, it just got an very annoying theme music. You race, you fight, you get pick ups... there isn´t much to this game.

Pick up Super Chase H.Q. instead.

It´s like Road Rash without the fun...



Gods is game made by the same makers that gave us the awesome game The Chaos Engine, The Bitmap Brothers.

The box art of this game is awesome, but with a twist. On the original Amiga 500 cover the hero holds swords in each hands that slices the monsters, making some blood squirt from their wounds. On the SNES cover they have removed this, which is a bit sad.

Japanese Sega Mega Drive cover

The game Gods is quite a good game. You run around slaying monsters and solving puzzles in order to complete each level. The Bitmap Brothers sure knew how to make good games.

Gods is a fun game

Rival Turf


Rival Turf is one of the million brawl games there is out there for the Super Nintendo, and unlike the most this one is quite passable (box art kinda says the opposite though...).

In Rival Turf you can play solo or in co-op mode with a friend. It is a standard brawler, one button for attacks, a button for jumping and one for a power attack. The graphics and animations are a bit stiff, but the gameplay itself works quite well. The areas you fight in are somewhat lame though, can a bus be a turf?

The streets of LA is reeally tough...

Pac Attack


I had to take a break from the ultra awesome Punch Out!! retro remake to post a video of the cool puzzle game Pac Attack.

Pac Attack is sort of a comination of Pac Man and Tetris. You get blocks that you build and sometimes the blocks contain ghosts like the ones in Pac Man. Once in a while a Pac Man is in the blocks and to score extra points Pac Man needs to chomp as many as possible.

As the box says, it´s highly addictive!

It could have been called Pactris...

Micro Machines


Micro Machines
was one of my favorite toys when I grew up, and this game isn´t bad either.

In Micro Machines you race around in small vehicles around hously location, like on your dinner table or the kitchen sink. Your goal is to out run your opponents by reaching the farest of the screen first. By doing so your opponents lose a point and when they doesn´t have any left, they lose.

Micro Machines is a quite fun game, play it with some good friends for ultimate enjoyment!

Ahhh... Micro Machines... those were the days...

Mr Do!


Mr Do! is an old arcade classic that was converted into numerous of home entertainment systems, including the Super Nintendo.

Mr Do! is sort of like Pac Man and Dig Dug combined. You dig tunnels to get all the fruit in order to clear the level and you have to avoid all the enemies. You can either shoot enemies with some sort of ball thingy or you can crush them with apples.

If you are a arcade fan you will like this game.

Mr Do! likes his fruits...

Smash T.V.


Smash TV is an awesome game! This game is what the guys at Platinum Games thought of when they created MadWorld!

If you haven´t played Smash TV, let´s sum it up quickly for you. It´s alot like the Schwarzenegger movie The Running Man and the TV show the Gladiators, just a lot more of enemies, guns and carnage! This is a violent and absurd game, pick up toasters and get a toaster bonus at the end!

This game is absolutly a must play for all hardcore SNES fans out there!

Blood, gore and violence!

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy part III: Ninja Gaiden III


Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom is a NES masterpiece. This game delivers superb graphics and some of the most challanging action in the entire series. I can say that I definetly have a love / hate relationship with the second act (the desert, with the quicksand filled with enemies) of this game.

All of you who really like fast paced, non stop action games surely will love this trilogy collection. But I guess that the hardcore Ninja Gaiden fans already have this cartridge in their collection...

Everyone should have played the awesome Ninja Gaiden Trilogy...

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy part II: Ninja Gaiden II


Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of Chaos is probably the game in the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy I least like. But they have added one nice feature in this game that wasn´t able in the first: climbing. I don´t know how many times I´ve screamed at the screen and cursed while playing the first game, for falling down holes unable to climb up again.

The game isn´t the best one in the series, but it is surely a great game none the less!

Ryu knows how to climb this time around, which is great!

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy part I: Ninja Gaiden


The very first Ninja Gaiden was released 1989 on the NES system. I was only one year old at the time, so it took me some time before I got to test it. But boy was it good when I did!

For those of you who hasn´t played any of the NES Ninja Gaiden, it is a bit similar to the Mega Man series and Castlevania. You run and jump in order to out smart enemies. You slash them with your awesome katana sword or kill them with items you find in lampoons (like in Castlevania). In the end of each act there is a boss waiting for you aswell.

Ninja Gaiden is a great game and I would just pick this trilogy pack up just because of the first game!

The first game staring Ryu Hayabusa in the Ninja Gaiden series!

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy


One of the most classic hardcore game series I can think of was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in the late 80´s: Ninja Gaiden. I will do a Ninja Gaiden special of the SNES collection Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, containing all the 3 classic NES games in 3 different parts / episodes.

The first video will be up tomorrow, don´t miss the awesomeness of Ninja Gaiden Trilogy Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog!

Spawn - The Video Game


Spawn is based upon the comic with the same name created by Todd McFarlane.

This game is a typical brawl type action game. Your goal is to punch and kick your foes into oblivion in order to get to the final boss in each stage. The game is kind of stiff animated, like the Last Action Hero game, and Spawn doesn´t seem to know that many moves.

Fans of the Spawn comic might enjoy this game a while, but there are better brawlers out there.

Spawn is a bad ass action figure, and he wears a red cape.

First Samurai


This game may see pretty bad at your first look, but it´s got a hidden charm. First Samurai is a awesome game.

You play as a samurai, as the title says. Like Castlevania you get knives and axes to throw and some other stuff that make your journey easier. You could easily say that First Samurai is Castlevania, only that there is no vampires. I like this game alot.

Requested: more samurai games!

Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow


This is Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow staring our beloved cartoon character Donald Duck.

This game is a run and gun platformer with some treasure looting. The idea is to clear a level and to get as much gold and jewelry as possible. This isn´t a bad idea for a game, but it is certianly an old one and has been done in other games much better.

If you like Donald Duck you probably want to pick this one up.

There was a time when Disney games really could be great...

Home Improvement


This is a game based upon a TV-show called Home Improvement, staring Tim Allen (which is a terrible actor in my opinion).

This game isn´t the worst game I´ve ever played, but it is sure as hell not the greatest either. Your job is to find some crates (containing tools?) to complete the level. I have never done that myself, so I don´t know if that´s all to it.

Oh, and watch out for ants and dinosaurs...

I hate Tim Allen...

Hal´s Hole in One Golf


Hal´s Hole in One Golf is probably the best golf game to play on the Super Nintendo system. It was, however, a while since I last played this game. That explains why I suck so much in this video!

Enjoy my crappy video game golf skills!

PS: The Gameplay intro for this game mysteriously dissapeared from editing. I didn´t see that before uploading the vid to Youtube. Sorry for my mistake.

Although I suck in this video, this game is really great!

TMNT IV: Turtles in Time - Alleycat Blues


Since this game is so f*ckin great, I decided to make a second movie of my favorite level in the game: Alleycat Blues. The soundtrack is the definition of awesome and the level is just amzingly fun to play. Shellshock, dudes!

Mike, the party dude, fighting foot soldiers.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time


One of the greatest games ever was released 1992, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time.

Turtles in Time
is one of those games that defines great sidescrolling beat m up brawl games. Awesome moves, great and varrying characters, outstanding music and plenty of different and cool enemies. The boss fights are legendary and the environments are some of the coolest around. I love the graphics and animations too.

A remake is in the work for the Xbox 360 LIVE service for the 20th birthday celebration of Turtles, and I can´t wait to test it! I hope that the "Backalley Blues" level is intact with music and boss!

"Cowabunga, dudes!!!!"

The Last Action Hero


This is the game The Last Action Hero, staring the big Arnold of California. I suppose this game is based on a movie with the same name...

Movie games usually sucks, and I've pointed that out before in this blog. This game is the same deal. The Last Action Hero is a horrible side scrolling brawler with awkward graphics and very stiff fighting. Almost as stiff as mr Schwarzeneggers one-liners...

Play Battletoads & Double Dragon instead...

Lethal Enforcers


This 70th Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog movie contains the game Lethal Enforcers!

Lethal Enforcers is a great light gun shooting game! You can controll the game with your SNES controller and thats what I did in this video. You play as a cop who has to go to different places (banks, subways etc) to take down thiefs and criminals in order to succeed your mission.

Don´t shoot friendly targets though.

This game is truly awesome and has a classic Konami soundtrack!

Lethal Weapon


The game Lethal Weapon is a game "based" on the movie with the same name staring Mel Gibson.

Games that are built on movies tends to be awful, and this one is really messed up. The difficulity is sky high and it´s frustrating as hell. The enemies can either be killed with a melee attack or a gun. Trying to kill a enemy with the melee attack is almost impossible without taking damage because the enemies that moves seem to move faster than the player.

Watch the movie instead...

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