Q*bert 3


I couldn´t find a good box cover for this game, and that kinda sucks. Q*bert is one of the funniest looking (and most foul mouthed) game characters ever created.

I think everyone has an idea of what Q*bert is, so I don´t feel any need of explaing what the game is all about. It´s a fun puzzle game to tell the short story. Watch the video and you will see the basic idea of the game.

Where all game designers in the 70´s stoned?

The Itchy & Scratchy Game


In the history of the TV-show the Simpsons there has been some games released on to a number of different systems. There was a handfull of them released to the Super Nintendo and The Itchy & Scratchy Game is one of them.

Eventhough the Simpsons show (as we all know) is great, most of the games isn´t. This includes The Itchy & Scratchy Game. There are some fun animations in the art style of Itchy & Scratchy, but what is the point of playing this game? Really, I don´t understand what to do in the game! If any one knows what the goal in this game is, please tell me!

They fight, and bite and fight, and bite and fight, and bite.....



Puzzle Bobble is one of the greatest puzzle games I know of and Bust-a-Move is the same game.

You play as Bub and Bob who´s misson are to stop the colorful bubbles from reaching the bottom of the playing screen. This is easy at the first ten levels, but later on you will feel the difficulity increase drastically. This make Bust-a-Move greatly addictive, and very hard to stop playing.

Bust-a-Move (or Puzzle Bobble) is THE puzzle game on the Super Nintendo system to play!

Bub and Bob are awesome...

Street Fighter II Turbo


Street Fighter II Turbo is the same game as Street Fighter II, only better. All the characters in the original game, including Ballrog, Sagat, Vega and M.Bison, are now playable in both modes.

The game it self has a better flow to it, sharper sound effects and a bit more polished graphics than Street Fighter II. This make the game better and more enjoyable.

M.Bison vs Blanka in a classic fight.

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News and randomness.

Kirby´s Avalanche


This puzzle game is one of the best out there for the Super Nintendo. I can only think of one game that can beat this game and that´s Puzzle Bobble (which is an outstanding game!). I do also like Dr Mario, but this game is better.

The goal of Kirby´s Avalanche is to connect 4 or more blobs of the same color in order to make them burst. You can connect them in any shape you like, but they have to be connected with each others. If you or your opponent reach the top of the screen, you will lose in classic Tetris / Dr Mario fashion.

Kirby´s Avalanche is a great puzzle game.

Arkanoid - Doh It Again


I have allways liked block breaking games. Block Breaker Deluxe and Brick Breaker are some of the games I need to have on my mobilephone and therefor I was very glad to see Arkanoid beeing reviwed by The Classic Game Room on youtube. The moment I saw that review I wanted this game badly.

The Arkanoid series must be the very definition of great block breaking games. Great visuals, great sound effects and maybe one of the best intros ever made for a Super Nintendo game! Who doesn´t like Easter Island heads?

I strongly recommend you to try this game out, it´s a classic!

Arkanoid - Doh it again is one of the best block breaker games ever made.

Barbie Vacation Adventure


This game is going to blow your mind! Unbelievable 100% pure plastic doll action that never ends! Seriously... this game blows more than Barbie does when shes getting naughty with Ken...

This game sucks. Period.

Super Chase HQ


Super Chase H.Q. is a arcade racing game similair to the old Sega classic Out Run, but with a twist.

In Super Chase H.Q. you take controll over a undercover cop who´s mission is to race down some criminals in each stage and stop them before the life gauge, or the arcade timer, reaches zero. This makes the game a little more difficult, and unique, than the average race-to-the-next-checkpoint arcade racer.

The game is absolutely worth checking out for fans of arcade racers like Out Run, or for all of you who would like to play a racing game on your Super Nintendo.

This is going to be the new layout of the blog! Comment if you like it or not! /LB

Statistics part 4

Time to refresh the old statistics a bit! We start of in the regular order with the top ten most watched videos.

  • Super Punch Out!! - 715 views
  • Tetris (from Tetris & Dr Mario) - 433 views
  • Super Tennis - 336 views
  • Incantation - 311 views
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi´s Island - 304 views
  • Bobby´s World - 297 views
  • Izzy´s Quest for the Olympic Rings - 296 views
  • Smartball - 276 views
  • Ultraman - 274 views
  • Total Carnage - 248 views
There has been some changes in the list since the last time, which I feel is refreshing! The Super Tennis video has been seen many times, but the king of the hill still is Super Punch Out!! no doubt....

The Facebook club has got 2 new members since last time, so now we´re up to 22! Keep em coming!

There will be more videos soon, have patience!

// Mr L.

Super Bowling


The 60th Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog video contains some footage of this game, Super Bowling. I´m one of those guys who like bowling games. I usually play them on my mobilephone, but occasionally I pick one up on a console.

Super Bowling is a pretty cool bowling simulator, although really an average one. The graphics in the game is pretty nice done with some carttonish looking characters (and turkeys). If you like bowling this one won´t dissapoint you.

Devil´s Course 3D (Japanese)


Devil´s Course 3D is a golfsimulator for SNES. This game isn´t bad, but it isn´t good either. There is way better golf games available for this console. I would recomend Hal´s Hole in One Golf instead (I will do a video of that game aswell).

Soldiers of Fortune (The Chaos Engine)


Soldiers of Fortune (or The Chaos Engine as it was called in Europe) is a really cool game. The game is initially designed as a co-op game, but you can play with a CPU if you´d like. This just shows that the idea of Resident Evil 5 is quite old...

Super Mario World


How many times have I completed this game? I don´t know, but I have spent countless hours on this game. Super Mario World might be the best platformer ever made. It was a long time since I played this game, but I still remember my way around the Mushroom kingdom.

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