Toys - Bonus Weapons Video


This game contains some whackey weapons / toys, so I decided to make an extra video similiar to the one I made for Street Fighter Alpha 2. It´s short, but it shows some of the weapons you can use in the game. My favorite is the Wind-up Duck toy.



Have you ever wanted to fire a Peanut gun shaped as an elephant? Search no more!

3 Ninjas Kick Back


This might be the worst game released, ever. I guess this game is made for some sort of movie and those kind of games never turn out good. The only game I can think of being worse is the Where´s Waldo game...

Kirby´s Dream Course


Kirby´s Dream Course is a puzzle game played like golf. Your goal is to hit all the enemies on the checkerboard court and where the last remaining enemy stand a hole appears. It´s quiet a fun game.

If there is some new readers on the blog, click the box / cartridge pictures to reach the gameplay video on youtube.

New Videos

Hi everyone!

I haven´t made any videos lately and I´m sorry for that. I´ve been occupied by MadWorld for a while know, so my mind is elsewhere. I will however start making new videos soon, and maybe I´ll put up a MadWorld video too!

/ Lord_Brunskog

Something for you all...



Once again, a game with awesome box art! Blackthorne is a adventurous run and gun game, somewhat similiar to Metroid and Another World. The game is made by Blizzard, so you will see some orches hanging around trying to mess with you.

Statistics part 3


It´s time for yet another statistics report / update. We begin with the most watched videos as usual, but this time I will show you the top ten. Here it goes!
  1. Super Punch Out!! - 559 views
  2. Tetris (from Tetris & Dr Mario) - 371 views
  3. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi´s Island - 271 views
  4. Smartball - 252 Views
  5. Izzy´s Quest for the Olympic Rings - 246 views
  6. Bobby´s World - 233 views
  7. Incantation - 223 views
  8. Ultraman - 202 views
  9. Total Carnage - 190 views
  10. Alfred Chicken - 164 views
That´s the new updated top ten list. The Facebook club currently is standing still at 20 members.

Hope you will stay tuned for more videos!

// Mr LB

Donkey Kong Country - Bonus Banana Video


A bonus movie of Donkey Kong Country! The game really deserves it because of it´s awesomeness!

Youtube kind of messed up a part in this video. I don´t know why, but it made it lag. I hope this isn´t a big problem for all you guys.

Super Mario Allstars


This is the 50th game that gets a video in the series of Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog! This game contains all the Mario games that was released to the NES system in a updated SNES version. The Lost Levels game was actually ment to be the second game after the orignial Super Mario Bros, but Nintendo decided to release another game (Super Mario Bros 2) in Europe and USA as the sequel.

I hope you have enjoyed all the videos I have made so far and I hope you will stay tuned for even more in the near future!

The 50th video!


Which game will get the honor of being the 50th gameplay movie made by lord_brunskog? Wait and see!


Donkey Kong Country


This is the only game in the history of Super Play (a Swedish video game magazine) who have got 100% in score. Donkey Kong Country is totaly worth it! It´s one of the greatest games that was released on the system and one of the best looking ones.

Dragon´s Lair


Dragon´s Lair is featuring cartoon looking celshade graphics which always looks cool. The game, apart from looking good, isn´t great. Thats it.

The Addams Family


The Addams Family is awesome. All the movies and TV-shows, and especially Lurch, brings back some great memories. And the game? Well, it ain´t that bad... but I prefer the movies.

Super Troll Islands


This is a game featuring the ugliest dolls in the history of toys, the trolls. The game is a puzzle / platformer where the goal is to color the whole level in order to advance to the next one. The game isn´t that good and I hate the fact that the sensitivity in the jump button sometimes make your troll to shoot in to the sky like a rocket.



Doom (or maybe Duke Nukem 3D) probably was the first FPS I ever played. This was way before I played it on SNES which I played the first time years later. Doom on the SNES is suffering from bad frame rate and ugly textures among many things.

Play this one on your PC instead, but there is some hidden charm in the SNES version aswell.



Frogger is a lame game. And to make it worse, I totaly screwed up this video with a game over on the first level. I suck.

Losing faith for IGN


When I bought my Wii last year I began reading reviews and stuff on the internet. At first Gamespot was the only site I used for indepth game reviews, but later on I figuered they were just bullshitting the Wii and didn´t make lots of new video reviews so I switched to IGN.

IGN started of like a good site for my needs. Great reviews and really good news updates, but latley they have kind of started to act like bitch ass punks when it comes to Wii. For instence, they gave Onslaught a 6 out of 10. All of us who have ACTUALLY played it longer than 20 minutes knows that the game deserves at least 7.5 or more.

I hope for their sake that they start taking the Wii serious again, or else I´m gonna have to stick with Josh Thomas´s only. Wiifolder by the way is still the greatest site for Wii owners.




Does the classics ever end? B.O.B. is a run and gun platformer somewhat like Metroid and Mega Man except different. But they have one awesome thing in common: Gun arms! Check this one out!

Statistics part 2


This is a second update for you about the top 5 most viewed Gameplay videos! Not much have changed, or has it?

  • Super Punch Out!! - 523 views
  • Tetris (from Tetris & Dr Mario) - 335 views
  • Smartball - 241 views
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi´s Island - 238 views
  • Bobby´s World - 215 views
No change whatsoever in the ranking, only more views which is great! And also last week my Youtube channel reached #39 most viewed (today), the highest ranking so far!

The Facebook club currently has 19 members and I hope it will grow even larger!

 I hope you will stay tuned for more gameplay videos, they will come soon!

/ Lord_Brunskog

Captain Commando


Captain Commando is an awesome game. This is a typical arcade style brawl game, like Turtles in Time or Battletoads & Double Dragon. I recommend you to try it if you haven´t!

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