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Jelly Boy


I searched for a long time for a cover of the Super Nintendo version of Jelly Boy, but couldn´t find one. I found ONE picture of the Mega Drive version though.

Jelly Boy is a really fun platformer. You play as Jelly Boy who can form his body in all kind of shapes. My favorite is the duck shape, but he can also take shape as an hammer and a hot air balloon. The game has really cute and colorful graphics and the first level got a themesong which I think I´ve heard in a Family Guy episode before.

I really enjoy platform games and If you do to, try this one out!

It´s peanut butter jelly time, jelly time, jelly time!

Darius Twin


There is one genre of games in particular where I suck at the most: side scrolling arcade shoot em ups (or shmups as they call them nowadays...). That´s why the video of this game is only around one minute long...

I don´t know why I suck at these kind of games, they aren´t my taste at all. The graphics and soundtrack in Darius Twin however is quite nice. Taito has always known how to make great visual games, such as Bust-a-Move and On the Ball.

Watch my epic fail video, and see why I suck at these sort of games.


Faceball 2000


There weren´t many 3D shoot em ups created for the Super Nintendo under it´s glory days, and there was a reason. They all came out bad. Faceball 2000 is a pure example of just that.

One of the main reasons of why 3D games didn´t work on the SNES system were that there wasn´t plenty of CPU speed. Games like Doom and Faceball 2000 suffers from extreme lag and you can almost feel every frame when you play. Faceball 2000 has one nice feature though: multiplayer. The game does get better when played with a friend.

If you´re frantic about shoot em ups, then this game is might worth a try.

Kill some balls...

The Brainies


If you judge by the box art, this game seems to pack a lot of action. Well... it doesn´t.

The Brainies is a puzzle game where your goal is to place the right colored Brainie on the right colored spot before the time runs out. This is similliar to the puzzles in Goof Troop when trying to unlock doors etc, and Titus has built an entire game on this idea. Does it work? For a while it does.

The Brainies is a mediocre puzzle game at best. I´m still sticking with Dr Mario instead.

Song for this game: "Trip at the Brain" with Suicidal Tendencies!



I found out about this game just recently and I can´t stop playing it. Rampart is one hell of a game!

If you ever have played Sid Meier´s Pirates or North and South, this one is sort of simillar. You decide every turn what to do on the playing field. You can create walls, cannons and attack enemies. You score points by destroying enemies and by conquering new castles. When all enemies are gone, you win.

is awesome and if you´re in to strategy games you´re going to like this one.

It might not look like much, but Rampart is one sweet game!

Secret of Mana


Secret of Mana gets the honour of beeing the 120th Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog video!

Secret of Mana is a stunning game in many ways. It´s got great gameplay, wonderful graphics and a nice soundtrack. I skipped the intro of the game to cut out some of the text and story, but if you play this game you shouldn´t! The games got an excellent story!

Secret of Mana is sort of a mixture between The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. If you like those games, chances are that you like this one!

Kill those bunny rabbits!

Super Castlevania IV


Super Castlevania IV is one of the best adventure games available for Super Nintendo, and one of the best looking ones.

I´ve allready pointed out that Konami was one of the greatest game developers for the SNES. They´ve made plenty of classic game series and Castlevania is one of them. The atmosphere and the gameplay they create for their games is just outstanding.

I doubt there is any gamer out there that have´nt heard of Castlevania, so I decided to keep this text short.

The return of the whip.

Top Gear


Have you ever played Out Run? That game revolutionized and created a new sort of racing genre, which means there were a lot of clones released similair to it. Top Gear is one of them.

Your goal in Top Gear is to race and win, like in a typical racing game. You can play in splitscreen mode with a friend, which makes the game a lot more interresting to play. The game features the same graphics as Lamborghini Challange and Out Run. You have seen all this before.

If you like Out Run, Lamborghini Challange or Super Chase H.Q., this game might be something for you.

Hmmm... deja vú...

Super Off Road


Tradewest has made some classic game series like Battletoads, Double Dragon and Off Road.

Super Off Road is awesome, and it´s much awesomer two play with a good friend and some cold beer. This is racing in it´s most competetive, never ending form. You start each race upgrading your 4X4 by purchasing nitro, engine, tires etc. You earn money by finishing first to third and by collecting money bags on the race track.

This game is one of the best games on the entire system, a true classic!


Krusty´s Super Fun House


There has been a couple of games released based on the popular TV-show The Simpsons. Most of them isn´t that good, but Krusty´s Super Fun House is pretty well done.

Krusty´s Super Fun House is like Lemmings in a way. Your goal is to guide the rats (or mice) to Barts machine. There are obstacles they, and you, need to pass and some puzzles that you need to solve. The graphics isn´t that great, but the gameplay works quite well.

Overall Krusty´s Super Fun House is a quite descent puzzle game that will keep you entertained for a while.


Cyber Spin


It´s been a while since I posted something new on the blog / youtube account, but here I go once again! This time around there is some racing on the menu!

Cyber Spin is like a slot car racer mixed with some formula one and some futuristic jet engine thingys. It is very arcade styled and it´s fast and enjoyable. You race around on a track seen from birds view, like the Micro Machines game. The graphics is passable, but the music is freakin awesome! You could play this game entirely because of the music!

Cyber Spin is for you guys who loved Micro Machines and Exhaust Heat (which I´m going to make a video of in the future).

Great game, great music...

More videos soon!

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