GT Racing


Didn´t find any box cover of this game, so the start screen will take it´s place.

GT Racing is an incredible racing game! For starters: How many SNES racers has licensed cars in it? This is awesome for a Super Nintendo game, and GT Racing has it! You can race with cars from Nissan, Mazda and Alfa Romeo just to name a few! The graphics in this game is Mode 7 based, so it kinda feels like playing Exhaust Heat or Mario Kart. Even though the cars are real licensed models, you can't expect them to handle like in Gran Turismo or Forza...

GT Racing is a great racing game, only available on Super Famicom though (I think)...

Some sweet racing!

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I couldn´t find a SNES cover of Columns so the Sega Genesis cover will take it´s place.

Columns is sort of like Tetris combined with Hexic HD and Quadra Pop (Sony Ericsson mobilephone game). There is one unique feature in this game and that is that you can solve puzzles in diagonal. This make the gameplay even more addictive and fun to play.

Columns is a really great puzzle game that will enjoy you for a long time.

Queue egyptian themed music!

Daze Before Christmas


It's not quite christmas yet, but a game this jolly and full of holiday spirit just can't wait for it to come!

I had really low excpectations of this game, I mean come on! A game about santa and christmas? It's like those millions of crappy CDs released every christmas with the same old songs and carrols, does people really buy that? Well, enough of that, Daze Before Christmas is a pretty good game! The animations is funny and well done, and the music is as cheesy as you know it is. This game is THE christmas game!

Daze Before Christmas isn't quite Super Bonk or Super Mario World II: Yoshi's Island, but it's still quite playable!


The Incredible Hulk


Have you ever wanted to play a game that you can pick up for ten minutes and beat the crap out of some bad dudes, and then put it away? The Incredible Hulk is just that game!

The Incredible Hulk isn´t a perfect game. The developers have´nt put much effort in to the theme music and all the animations and graphics (except for the Hulk himself) are very generic and lame. But if you look past these flaws, The Incredible Hulk is a really cool game to just pick up once and a while when you´re bored or to let of some steam.

The Incredible Hulk is far from incredible, but it´s got that special feel to it.

Soldier vs Hulk = savage butt kicking!

Super Uno


I have very fond memories of Uno when I was a kid in it´s original card form. We used to play this on rainy days in the summer when my family went camping with my cousins. Good times.

Super Uno for the Super Famicom is a great game! You can play against 6 CPU opponents, I don´t know how many human players you can play against though. The gameplay is solid Uno as you remember it, with a few variations of rules (I can´t read japanese, so I don´t know what rules I'm playing with!). The graphics are good with some great anime animated players and the music isn´t bad at all.

If you like Uno, this Super Famicom version is worth a try!


Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday


Ladies and gentlemen, behold the worst platformer ever created for the Super Nintendo: Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday.

The little pig with speach difficulites is going on a haunted holiday. The graphics are badly comic book drawn, and the animations are awkward at best. The soundtrack loops itself after a while, and it´s just pure shit. If you like the Warner Bros animated series, don´t play this game! It will hurt you forever!

Play a good platformer instead, there are lots of them available for the console!

Porky is a bitch...

Final Fantasy III


Final Fantasy III is the last part in my first part of the Final Fantasy special.

Final Fantasy III is by far the greatest game in the whole series for the Super Nintendo. The graphics and music are truly amazing, and the production value is just magnicifant for a SNES game. The battle animations are really great this time around, even though enemies are as cardboard like as ever. The sprites of the enemies, however, are awesomely detailed.

Final Fantasy III should not be missed by any Super Nintendo fan, even though you don´t like RPGs!

Kill those cardboard dudes!

Final Fantasy II


The second game in the Final Fantasy series is a real improvement compared to the first one, and the box is red!

The graphics and music is about ten times better in this game then what it was in the last one. The graphics, however, are very stiff in battles. There aren´t many animations going on and the enemies looks like they´re cut out of cardboard. Never the less, I found this game to be more interesting than the first game.

Final Fantasy II is far better than the original, so be sure to check it out if you like RPGs!

This isn´t the final fantasy...

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest


Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest was the game that started the whole FF saga, but is it any good?

I myself isn´t much for RPG games such as Final Fantasy. I tend to get bored very fast and get stuck all the time. My first encounter with an FF game was with Final Fantasy VII, which I think is a awesome game. But when I tried part VIII and IX I just lost all my interest...

...and I lost my interest with this game aswell. Sorry guys, but RPG doesn´t suit me, that´s all. The graphics are very old and stiff, and the music isn´t my cup of tea. The gameplay is like all Final Fantasy games, turn based. If you like these sort of games you will love this game. I, however, prefer Chuck Rock and Congo's Caper...

Final Fantasy in it´s very first appearance!

Final Fantasy Special! (Part 1)


Final Fantasy... is there anyone out there that haven´t heard about this mother of RPG series? Well it kinda started on the Super Nintendo system (six games were released) and then grew wider with the next generation systems to come. I will do the first three games in this first Final Fantasy special, and then the last three in a later special.

Stay tuned for some Final Fantasy coverage! //LB

Earthworm Jim (The 150th Video!)


The 150th Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog video features the awesomely animated Earthworm Jim! But is this game all about the looks?

Sadly, it is. Earthworm Jim has got great animations, super graphics and enjoyable sound effects. But the game lacks the great controlls that the Super Star Wars series really nailed 100%. The game will make you smile and all, but it also will frustrate you at times.

150 videos is a lot, but there will be at least 150 more so stay tuned for more Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog!

He´s got the looks...

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