Gunple - Gunman´s Proof


If you wonder why the box cover is so strange, this is a Super Famicom only game. Super Famicom (for you who doesn´t know) is the japanese name of Super Nintendo.

Gunple Gunman´s Proof is a great game. It´s like Zelda, only with cowboy hats, guns and anime cartoon style graphics. The only thing thats bad with this game is that is, of course, is in japanese. This makes it terribly hard to understand the story of the game if you don´t know the language.

In the video that I´ve made for this game I skipped the part when I ran around in town trying to figure out what to do. I figuered that the video would be awkward to watch me running around like a chicken talking to everyone and checking every house eighteen times...

Why wasn´t this game released everywhere???


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