Losing faith for IGN


When I bought my Wii last year I began reading reviews and stuff on the internet. At first Gamespot was the only site I used for indepth game reviews, but later on I figuered they were just bullshitting the Wii and didn´t make lots of new video reviews so I switched to IGN.

IGN started of like a good site for my needs. Great reviews and really good news updates, but latley they have kind of started to act like bitch ass punks when it comes to Wii. For instence, they gave Onslaught a 6 out of 10. All of us who have ACTUALLY played it longer than 20 minutes knows that the game deserves at least 7.5 or more.

I hope for their sake that they start taking the Wii serious again, or else I´m gonna have to stick with Josh Thomas´s Wiifolder.com only. Wiifolder by the way is still the greatest site for Wii owners.



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