Ten Great SNES Puzzle Games!


Yes, the second part of the cavalcade of Ten Great SNES Games is now up! Let's take a look at some puzzly games!

Kirbys Avalanche - One of the best puzzle games ever made! Oh the hours I've spent on this...

Tetris (from Tetris & Dr Mario) - You know about Tetris, right?

Dr Mario (from Tetris & Dr Mario) - ...and you probably know about this game aswell.

Heberekes Popoitto - This crazy jaoanese styled puzzle game is very addictive, and fun!

Bust-a-Move - You might know it as Puzzle Bobble, but it carries the same amount of awesome anyway!

Tetris Attack - It has nothing to do with Tetris, but this game is very great!

On the Ball - Racing game / puzzle game... mostly puzzle game... awesome!

Yoshi's Cookie - I haven't uploaded a gameplay video of this game yet, but I can ensure you that it is awesome!

Columns - A puzzle game with bricks that you can score points in any angle! This is addictive!

Pac Attack - An unusual and creative use of the Pac Man franchise... I like it!

Enjoy the Video!

Tons of puzzly madness!


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