Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest


Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest was the game that started the whole FF saga, but is it any good?

I myself isn´t much for RPG games such as Final Fantasy. I tend to get bored very fast and get stuck all the time. My first encounter with an FF game was with Final Fantasy VII, which I think is a awesome game. But when I tried part VIII and IX I just lost all my interest...

...and I lost my interest with this game aswell. Sorry guys, but RPG doesn´t suit me, that´s all. The graphics are very old and stiff, and the music isn´t my cup of tea. The gameplay is like all Final Fantasy games, turn based. If you like these sort of games you will love this game. I, however, prefer Chuck Rock and Congo's Caper...

Final Fantasy in it´s very first appearance!


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