The Duel: Test Drive II


Test Drive, Super Chase H.Q., Lamborghini American Challange... there has been some driving games released for the Super Nintendo over the years. Some good and some horrible. The Duel: Test Drive II is something in between.

Test Drive was one of the first series of real driving "simulators". It´s not Forza or Gran Turismo, but back in the day the Test Drive games were pretty revolutionary for the racing genre. You couldn´t drive a Porsche in any other game, with a cockpit view. The game has got one cool feature and that´s the bugs crashing in to your windshield as you drive.

Graphically and gameplaying wise this game is mediocre, but there is a small charm of driving a car on a highway in The Duel: Test Drive II.

Porsche cars are awesome...


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