RPM Racing


If you ever have played Rock n Roll Racing on Super Nintendo (which I´m planning on doing a video of), you know that game truely rocks! RPM Racing (or Radical Psycho Machine Racing) is the big brother of that game, but is it as good?

First thing to be said: if you think this is going to be as good as Rock n Roll Racing, you´re going to be dissapointed. RPM Racing isn´t that good. It´s got the same gameplay as it´s little brother, but it´s just not that fun. I really miss the great soundtrack from Rock n Roll Racing, featuring MIDI-covers by Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and George Thorogood to name a few.

RPM Racing is more or less the test version of what was going to be Rock n Roll Racing. I recomend you to try the later one instead.

This game could really use some "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath!


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