Statistics - part 5


There´s been a long time since I shared some of the statistics with you guys (if you are interested). Let´s start with the Top 10 most viewed videos!

Super Punch Out! - 903 views
Incantation - 645 views
Tetris (from Tetris & Dr Mario) - 600 views
Super Tennis - 548 views
Total Carnage - 527 views
NHL ´96 - 496 views
Ultraman - 462 views
The Lawnmower Man - 442 views
Bobby´s World - 424 views
Smartball - 389 views

There´s been some changes in the list but Super Punch Out! is still going strong!

Last week there were close to 100 hits on this blog! I´m impressed that so many has found out of this blog! Thanks to all of you!

The Facebook club (which can be found here) is standing still at 23 members.

Thank you for watching (and reading) and stay tuned for more videos!

// Lord_Brunskog


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