Ten Great SNES Racing Games!


Yes folks the first Ten Great SNES Games is all about burning some rubber! Aww-yeaaah!

Exhaust Heat - Is one of the best formula 1 games ever made for Super Nintendo. A gameplay video of this game will be up after Im done with these three gameplay specials.

F-Zero - Seriously, are there anyone out there that hasn't played F-Zero? If so, did you grew up with a Sega Genesis? Must not be missed!

Super Mario Kart - The beginning of the long racing career of Mario and his friends, but where did the coins go?

Super Off Road - Made by the awesome game producer Tradewest, this is one mulitplayer game with endless of fun!

Rock'n'Roll Racing - Black Sabbath, missiles and aliens? Need I say more?

Lamborghini American Challange - It might look like a Out Run clone, but the betting system and the gameplay makes this game pretty cool!

The Duell: Test Drive 2 - If you just want to cruise in a Porsche for a moment, this is the game to go with!

GT Racing - So friggin awesome words can't describe it!

Cyber Spin - It's fast and it's got one of the catchiest soundtracks ever!

Micro Machines - We all love Micro Machines, don't we?

Enjoy the video!

Hear my engine roar!


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