Brawl Brothers


I've been really bad on updating the blog and videos lately, I'm really sorry for that. I will try to find time for more videos and quicker updates soon. But now, let's focus on Brawl Brothers!

Brawl Brothers contains exactly what the name titles: lots of brawling in similiar style of Sonic Blastman and Rival Turf! The game looks quite nice and the soundtrack is listenable. There are some classic brawl genre issues though. The pace of the game is quite slow, and the enemies can be a bit tough some times.

Overall this is a decent Super Nintendo brawler worth checking out.

I'm gonna brawl you with my bro!

Postat av: Stoffe

Sv: Ne det behöver jag nog inte. Men ändå, vore roligare att få pengar tillbaka :(

2010-04-07 @ 23:34:59

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